Sep 3, 2010

Moore's Law and Human condition.

As probably you know, Moore's law basically says that computer power doubles every 18 months with respect to a given point. Unfortunately, this law is not applicable to human brain capacity.

The most valuable scientists and engineers are working hard creating and improving lot of new technologies, but final users are not capable to follow this speedy evolution.

As I read recently, Sergey Brin said something about this referring to Moore's Law in an ironic mode. He was explaining how the Google search engine works and how it can index the entire Web, so he said "On our side, we have Moore's Law", the real problem, Brin said, is that people can't process thousands of search results "Humans, unfortunately, are not subject to Moore's Law right now. They've been evolving a little bit slower. That's a big problem. Really we need to address that." (The audience laughed).

I believe that Sergey  was very optimistic. I think that in some cases our evolution is not only slower but it's truly a regression. Or let me think that at least there are two forks. People that are evolving and whom not.

It's a curious contradiction. We can create Full HD 3D television and the content providers shows us things like 'Big Brother' or '16 and Pregnat'. Not to mention about the Internet. This is an amazing communication platform but, seriously, Do you think that we are squeezing all its benefits? ...