Aug 30, 2010

Inside Steve's Brain: Book Review.

Ok. You are right. The second post is about an easy topic: a book review. I’m not very original, but again I’m near my purpose … to write. Getting back to the subject, I readed this book recently: "Inside Steve's Brain" by Leander Kahney. I had read something about Apple’s history before, but I had never read nothing about Jobs specifically. 

I thought that this book would introduce me the character in all his angles, however is a book mostly centrated in his Apple facet.

I would have liked learn more about his early days, about the NexT fundation and the Pixar adquisition. Regardless, the book is interesting. It covers certain aspects of Apple that you would like to know if you are fan of their products.

I think the title is a bit pretentious. I would have called it “Inside Apple’s Products Design”.

I enjoyed a lot the detailed description about the creation of a new product in Apple. From the first idea through all the next design phases and finally the fabrication, the marketing process, and the absolutely amazing Steve's presentations and shows.

Certainly he has a strong  personality and a very particular point of view about excellence and quality in products, but definitively ... is human.

If you want to pry a little more about Apple I recommend you this book, but don't expect a deep Steve's personality and thinking analysis.

Aug 27, 2010

The first post. Hard Beginning.

Yes! It's obvious ...this is the first post in my new blog.

Recently I read this sentence: "What we write depends on what we think about.What we think about usually depends on what has happened to us, perhaps as a result of what we had read, heard, seen or done."

The sentence is a perfect outline for this blog. What are you going to find here? In fact, I'm not sure. The main purpose of this little project is only writing. Writing in English, of course, due to is not my native language and I feel the need to improve my writing skills.

My first laptop.
I hope I can loosen up and write some interesting or at least entertaining posts. Either way I'm not thinking in readers, or rather, possible future readers. I just want comment something about technology, maybe security, running, books and in summary ... life.